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What we do

Company "Katon" Ltd. Burgas is focused on the control of electrical safety - loop impedance "phase-grounded conductors' insulation resistance, safety grounding system, lightning protection system, zero sequence currents / RCD / physical factors labor and environment - noise, light, microclimate control, ventilation and vibration control - general and "hand side." The company is the successor of the company "Katon - Pashov" Burgas licensed by the DNCC as Puskovonaladachna laboratory. Manager of "Katon" Ltd. has more than 25 years experience in electrical safety and performance control.


Since 2005 we have been an accredited inspection body of type "C" in EN ISO / IEC 17020:2005 by EA "BAS" Sofia.


Our policy is to maintain and improve the quality of our services, relying on the experience handed down from older to younger generation and continuous training of personnel. Opinion and satisfaction of our customers is the number one goal for us. We strive to build long and lasting relationship with you and to prove that we are a reliable and honest partner.

Why choose Katon?

25 years of experience CAN'T be wrong!



Control of electrical devices and equipment to and over 1000V.



Artificial lighting - lighting, average weekly exposure to noise, etc.



Measurement and control of ventilation systems.



Reliable measurement of vibration.